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Motorola’s popular Droid 3 smartphone has finally received an easy rooting method and we’ll be guiding our readers on how to go about the procedure in this guide today.

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Market Enabler app for rooted Android phones enables access on the US Android Market with paid apps outside United States. Paid apps in Android Market are currently limited to selected countries like US. If you happen to be outside US, you are left out by Google which at the time only allows users from US and UK to access the paid app store.

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The Android powered Motorola CLIQ phone has been rooted for full direct access to its file system. Root access will enable you to modify the phone’s firmware to whatever you want to have on your phone like themes, apps and custom ROMs just like you do on the jailbroken iPhone. You can follow the simple step by step guide posted below to root your Motorola CLIQ without having to worry about bricking it. Credit for the Root hack goes to TheDudesAndroid of ModMyMoto.

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