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Developer Winocm has successfully managed to jailbreak iOS 6.1.4 on both CDMA and GSM version of iPhone 5. Details as usual are scarce at this very moment, it is highly recommended that you ignore any update at this point for your iOS device and wait for further confirmation on the progress being made on this untethered jailbreak for 6.1.4.

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Many of our readers would consider themselves technology enthusiasts, and as a result have considered purchasing, or have already purchased an iPhone 5, or have at least upgraded their existing handsets to iOS 6. Months after its release, many are rightly becoming impatient with the release of an untethered jailbreak for both iOS 6 or the iPhone 5. Well-known developers such as Planetbeing have been updating users, which we have covered extensively in the past, and today we have some more good news. A new tweet suggests that he is making some progress again, this time with famous iOS security researcher Pod2g.

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Incase you were wondering why Geohot used a userland exploit from Comex to make Limera1n untethered, it was because he did not wanted to waste his untethered version of bootrom exploit which seems to be more powerful than the exploit used in Limera1n. Both Comex and MuscleNerd has confirmed that Geohot has in his possession a new untethered bootrom level exploit which can be used to pwn future iOS devices like iPhone 5 and iPad 2G for life.

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