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It’s a sad fact of the fast-moving tech world that a device doesn’t even need to have released nowadays before we deem it acceptable to begin talking about its eventual successor, and despite the iPhone 5s being lauded by many as the best thing since sliced bread, we’ve already heard reports of the next iPhone boasting a larger display. Until we have any solid evidence, though, everything we hear or see is more than likely the figment of somebody’s imagination, and the concepts below, which are most certainly conjured from deep within the creative minds of one design agency, show us what a curved iPhone 6c, alongside an iPhone Air, may look like.

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Apple’s latest edition to the iPad range – the iPad Air – seems to be going down with a storm with those who already have their hands on the 9.7-inch tablet. The latest and so-called greatest iPad yet is thinner, lighter and blazing fast thanks to the new A7 processor and 64-bit architecture, but more important than all of that, it seems to be getting rave reviews from those using it. With the new iPad being such an early success, it was only a matter of time until we started to see new concepts flying around the net, with one of the first bringing the same Air treatment to Apple’s iPhone hardware.

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The iPad Air just launched a few days ago, and the general consensus is that it is quite simply a cut above any Apple tablet released hitherto. Everything about the design simply oozes class, and although the iPhone 5s definitely still abides by Apple’s stylish design motif, it’s hard to deny that the iPad Air is a beauty. Ciccarese Design has taken this on board and come through with an iPhone concept created in the image of the all-new iPad Air. Check it out after the leap.

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