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Remember what Steve Jobs said about how “Magical” the iPad was? Well a young Japanese magician Shinya has performed a series of tricks right outside an Apple Store to prove just that.

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iPad is all set to launch in US on April 3rd, with pre-orders starting from March 12th onwards. There is growing hype about queries and inquest about this new device among the public in general, and the potential buyers in particular. Everyone wants to know, confirm and reaffirm everything before booking one on March 12th.

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In January this year, Steve Jobs unveiled the much hyped iPad to the world. He, however, was somewhat ambiguous about the shipping date which he mentioned as “late March” for the Wi-Fi version of the device. Since then, no further information about a specific shipping date or pre-order options were given. For the last few days though, strong rumors were buzzing the web-world that iPad launch has been delayed by a month or so. This unspecified production problem was attributed to bottle-necks at the manufacturer’s end. Everyone was worried why Apple was keeping so mum on the subject.

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