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iOS 14 will reportedly add new 1Password-like features to iCloud Keychain. Here’s everything you need to know about this.

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iOS 11 for iPhone and iPad features Password Autofill for apps that integrates the features into every first and third-party app. Here are the details.

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Earlier this week at Apple’s latest media event, the Cupertino company finally released the newest Mac operating system: OS X Mavericks, to the world. Alongside this release came a more silent release of iOS 7.0.3 which brought with it full iCloud Keychain compatibility to go along with Mavericks. If you’re unaware of what iCloud Keychain allows you to do, think of it like browser saved passwords, for all of your Apple devices. Once you have set up this new feature, you’ll be able to sign into all of your favorite websites in Safari without having entered any of your passwords. It even stores your credit card details for purchases. Don’t worry, the data is all encrypted locally, so Apple won’t be handling all of your credit card numbers without your permission.

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