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Earlier on this month, Samsung’s plans to release a slightly cheaper, smaller and less-powerful Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Neo hit the blogosphere, and today, the Korean company has officially unveiled the device. Although it was initially thought that there would only be one tweaked Note 3 in the offing, there are actually two variants of the Neo, including the standard edition and a second, Neo LTE+ handset with 4G capabilities. So if you like the Galaxy Note 3 but don’t need the large display, top-spec hardware or high-end price tag, then the Neo range might just take your fancy.

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Samsung is the mobile industry’s power releaser, and even though the Galaxy Note 3 has sold in excess of 10 million units since the September release, the Korean company is already planning a revised, cheaper model. According to a leaked snap, we can now see how the handset stands up against the real deal, and since, in the eyes of many, the Note 3’s specs amount to overkill anyway, perhaps the Neo model will sell strongly once it eventually debuts.

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