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One of the reasons why Samsung is among the most dominant smartphone vendors in the game, is that it seems to have few qualms with developing a device to suit every consumer. As well as an array of smartphones to cover all bases, the South Korean giant still pumps out plenty of dumbphones, but one particular type of handset the company seems to be dragging back from yesteryear is the flip-phone. We’ve already heard numerous reports of the reasonably strong Galaxy Folder, complete with dual displays and a dual-core processor, and now, a leak suggests another, named the Hennessey, could be about ready for the market.

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More evidence has emerged that the Samsung Galaxy Folder – the kind of flip device seldom seen in the market for a decade – is an actual product, with instructions for the device numbered SHV-E400K showing up on Samsung’s website. The handset, which features dual displays, is said to be a target of the mid-range market, and although it’s not expected to see the light of day outside of Asia, it’s rather astonishing that Samsung is even still manufacturing this type of smartphone in the first place.

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