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Google today has released a significant update for their flagship Android phone – Nexus One almost right after when Apple pushed firmware 3.1.3 for iPhone users. This new update (ERE27) for Nexus One brings the much needed official support for multitouch in Web Browser, Maps and 3D Gallery. You can now finally use pinch-to-zoom gestures just like how you can on an iPhone. This update also fixes the 3G issue which has been bugging T-Mobile users. The complete feature list as illustrated on the official blog is as follows.

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If you are a Nexus One user and are having issues getting full 3G network speeds on your phone, Kevin C. Tofel of jkontherun may have a solution for you. Kevin has been stuck with EDGE connectivity on his Nexus One using T-Mobile network for over a week, despite the fact that his old G1 was able to pull full broadband speed from the same network in exact same location. After applying a simple fix, he has been since able to get full mobile broadband speeds even after reboots.

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