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If you are into fast cars, and regularly find yourself tuning into the Formula 1 races taking place across the globe, there’s a high chance you also enjoy playing F1 games on your console, computer, or mobile device. If you’re an F1 fan whom happens also to be in possession of a Mac, you’re in luck, as Feral Interactive – the firm behind the annual F1 titles on a variety of platforms – has announced that F1 2012 is now available to those on OS X, which was announced back in October.

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The coming weeks are all going to be about first-person shooters on consoles, as we head into the holiday shopping season, but if you prefer your gaming experience a tad bit desk based with a few more vehicles, then the recent announcement from Feral Interactive may just get your excitement levels rising. Although they haven’t announced any official release dates, the company has lifted the yellow flag to announce that they will be bringing F1 2012 to Mac OS X.

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If you’ve ever been to an F1 race, you’ll know it’s a pretty enthralling experience, and although such high-speed, adrenaline-rushing excitement is difficult to replicate in the real world (mainly because of the speed limitations imposed by the road police), the official F1 game is certainly a safer, cheaper way of getting your Formula 1 fix.

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