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Flying on Emirates Airlines, compared with most other aviation companies, is a pretty expensive gig, to say the least. Indeed, if you fancy flying on an Emirates A380, you could be looking at a ticket price of for up to $20,000 for First Class, and naturally, not everybody has that kind of cash just to throw around. Still, if you’ve wondered what it’s like to mosey on through one of these monstrous planes, Google Street View has you covered, for now you can get up close and personal with the 610,000 lb beast and take a tour of the entire plane, including First, Business and Economy Class, as if it were a long luxurious road.

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With Windows 8 having just been released to the public, Microsoft now has the test of selling not only to consumers, but to businesses worldwide. Emirates, a renowned high-end airline, has already adopted the platform as a means to improve the inflight experience to its customers, and while staff are better able to communicate thanks to “knowledge-driven” inflight service app by the name of KIS, but those flying with Emirates are also enjoying a slicker experience.

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