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Want to add dual-SIM functionality to your iPhone 6s or iPhone 6s Plus? Check out these dual-SIM adapter options for Apple’s latest iPhone models.

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Since the iPad 2 is out, the rumor mill has now shifted to another much awaited device, the iPhone 5. Based on the reports by a Chinese parts reseller, iDealsChina, iPhone 5 will feature 2 SIM card slots along with dual phone lines. The report is confusing in nature since it is speculated that iPhone 5 will include Qualcomm Gobi cellular/data chipset which helps support both GSM and CDMA connections in the same phone. It is more than a speculation though since Verizon iPhone 4 already includes that chip while it doesn’t have a SIM card slot. May be this is what the folks at iDealsChina meant by dual SIM card slots? Now the new iPhone can not have dual SIM capability along with CDMA support, can it? Probably not.

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