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As everyone probably knows at this point, each time an Android app is installed it has to tell the user what it will want access to. Be it location, SMS or general internet access, it’s all laid bare for us to see. It means that we can ask questions when an app asks for far too many permissions for what it’s supposed to do, for example. The problem is, not everyone pays attention.

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Security firm Bitdefender preyed on the privacy-conscious tendencies of the smartphone user when it released its Clueful app last July, with its aim to snitch on apps which may be using your private data, UDID, or other such sensitive info they’ve often no business snooping through. Rather than allowing iOS users to continue believing in the fallacy that every app developed follows stringent ethical practice, Bitdefender sought to expose and in turn, inform users of exactly how apps may use your data without your knowing.

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