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ClockworkMod Recovery is the de facto standard when it comes to custom recoveries on Android. After the release of the touch-based TWRP, developer koush announced ClockworkMod Touch which is the CWM everyone knows very well but with the ability to use the touchscreen for navigating around the menus (instead of Volume Up/Down and Power buttons). Most high-end Android smartphones already have CWM Touch and now the Samsung Galaxy S III is the latest to receive it. We’ve got a step-by-step guide ready right after the jump which will help you flash CWM Touch to your 4.8” monster.

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Developer koush’s ClockworkMod Recovery is the most popular custom recovery today. It is used and recommended by just about every Android enthusiast out there because of its availability on a wide variety of devices.

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For those of you who are involved in the business of modifying, tweaking or tinkering with the Android operating system, you will more than likely be aware of certain recovery methods and solutions which make an attempt to use the touchscreen display of the device for navigation purposes. You will also more be aware that until now, the offerings out there don’t exactly do a good job of touchscreen implementation.

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