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It looks like the rumors that were leaked earlier regarding a Google branded Chrome OS netbook were indeed true. Google is planning to release atleast two sub $300 netbooks that will be powered by Chrome OS. These machines will sport 10.1 inches screen and will be powered by NVIDIA Tegra 2 platform. They’ll also feature 64 GB SSD, 2GB RAM, webcam, USB ports, GPS, WiFi, 3G and Bluetooth connectivity to go with it. Multitouch screens with GPS are also planned for high end models.

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Google has kept quite on the subject of Chrome OS since its initial announcement in July of this year, but apparently, an unstable version of Google Chrome OS Browser from Google Chrome OS Build 28902 has been leaked by Jonathan Frederickson of Living in a Google World, and is now available for download. The version number of the leaked browser in question is which is an integral part of Chrome OS Build 28902.

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