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When Apple first launched the iPhone, it was a device which immediately raised the bar in the mobile device world. The industry had seen scores of smartphones released well before the iPhone ever made it to market, but the original Apple iPhone brought a perfect fusion of form and function to the marketplace and was launched at the right time when consumers were crying out for a little bit of individuality. That was obviously coming up to five years ago, and although the overall standard of device released by manufacturers have increased thanks to that launch, the iPhone is still considered to be setting the standard.

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SpyPhoto is a Cydia tweak which allows taking of photographs using an iDevice’s front or rear facing camera, without the need to open the Camera app. Added benefits include the fact that no sound is made either, meaning it’s great for when you’re on a top secret espionage mission, or trying to get photos of a prototype iPhone without Tim Cook’s cronies knowing.

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Score one up for the iPhone! The App Store has exclusively received a new and a very different kind of photo-sharing app today: it’s called GLMPS and it records a video clip of the moments before an actual photograph is taken.

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