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Jarvis is a new chat bot for Facebook Messenger which lets you easily set reminders on both the web and mobile app version of Messenger. Here’s how it works.

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Here’s how you can use chat bots in Facebook Messenger app for iOS and Android right now. For those who don’t know, chat bots are little intelligent pieces of software baked into Messenger that are there to allow users to communicate with them in order to achieve a certain outcome.

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Facebook may have started out as a social network that was aimed at allowing lost connections to reacquaint themselves with one another, but as we can all tell now, it’s grown exponentially since then into the Internet behemoth we know today. Facebook also likes to boast that part of the astronomical social experience centered around the fact that businesses on Facebook and end-users have together exchanged more than one billion messages between them, which perfectly paves the way for the introduction of Facebook’s new chat bots, officially called as “Bots for Messenger”, as announced during the company’s annual F8 developer conference today.

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