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The only thing worse than having little or no battery left on a mobile device, I find, is knowing you had ample time to put it right. You thought the one hour charge would be enough to fill up, only to find when you’re about to leave that your device’s juice levels are still not at their peak. We live in the midst of a “there’s an app for that” culture, but such has been the advancement of Cydia over the past few years, that the same can now be said for tweaks. If you’re looking for a tweak to help you better manage your battery, well, there’s a tweak for that.

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In a similar fashion to the iOS App Store, Apple’s official home for OS X apps can sometimes prove to be a bit of a software jungle with so many categories and apps being available that it can be a bit tricky to find things that will actually be useful to you. Investigating the top charts list gives an insight into what other users are downloading, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that you as an individual will find it useful or appealing.

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