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Thanks to iPhoDroid, you can now install Android on your iPhone 2G and iPhone 3G faster and easier than ever before. We have already covered detailed guides on how to install Android on your iPhone 2G and 3G, but they were long and complicated. With iPhoDroid, you’ll be able to install Android on your iPhone with iBoot within minutes.

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Android port for iPhone 3G is now finally available for download. You can do pretty much everything that you would expect a normal Android phone to do but it is still not recommended for day-to-day regular use. The power management functions of Android for iPhone 3G are yet to be implemented so your phone will only last for an hour or so of Android use before the battery runs out. Yes, it is good only for showing off to your friends that you have Android running on iPhone 3G.

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The same person who ported Android to the iPhone 2G and iPhone 3G is now working on bringing Android OS to an iPod touch (minus calling feature). We were anticipating this one for a while, and hopefully the port will see the light of day soon!

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