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Forgotten your Android phone’s lock screen password, PIN code, or pattern? Here’s how to reset it and gain back access to your device.

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Back in August, we featured Google’s then-new Android Device Manager, allowing users to remote-wipe and locate their device in a similar vein to Apple’s Find My iPhone service. It was apparent at the time that a dedicated Android app was imminent, and now, it has finally arrived over at the Google Play Store. More details as well as the direct download link can be found right after the break.

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Finding a misplaced smartphone can often be a losing battle, but with technology being what it is in this Digital Age, there are all manner of tools available out there to help you track it down. Most of these apps offer some sort of alarm, vibration, tracking system, and even security features like screenshotting the faces of those typing failed password entries or remote wipe. Yet while Apple has offered this feature to its customers for a long time now with Find My iPhone, the same cannot be said of Android – until now.

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