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Amazon is an Internet behemoth when it comes to online shopping. In fact, since its inception, Amazon has shown that it is an almost unstoppable freight train going from strength-to-strength by offering a seemingly endless list of products for extremely reasonable prices. However, where the company has succeeded with offering everything you may need on a day-to-day basis, it has often struggled when trying to break into the consumer tech world. Take the Amazon Fire Phone as a prime example. Amazon’s phone is no stranger to having a saving applied to it in an effort to get customers to take it off the shelves and now, in a similar marketing stunt, Amazon is offering the device at its cheapest price yet.

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Amazon has finally taken the wraps off its very first smartphone, which unsurprisingly, the online retail giant has decided to call the Fire Phone. But what makes this device so special, and why would we, the consumer, pick Amazon’s inaugural handset over the many alternatives out there? Today’s special event has run through a bunch of great features and quirks attached to the Fire Phone, and you’ll find a full run-down after the fold.

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