T-Mobile Won’t Get The iPhone 5 This Year, Says Company’s CMO

Various reports during the course of the last few months have shed much light on Apple’s apparent bid to forge partnerships with many of the world’s most prominent mobile carriers in the run up to the release of its upcoming iPhone 5.

Unfortunately for those on T-Mobile, though, it doesn’t look like the highly-anticipated device will be coming to your network – at least not this year. In a document leaked from T-Mobile’s OneVoice intranet, the company’s Chief Marketing Officer Cole Brodman put any notion of the company retailing the iPhone 5 well and truly to bed with the unambiguous statement of simply saying: "We are not going to get the iPhone 5 this year."


Despite the somewhat frank and matter-of-fact comment, this doesn’t necessarily mean no iPhone at all on T-Mobile. Lest we forget, there is also the small matter of the iPhone 4S which T-Mobile could adopt; although if this to be the case, those T-Mobile users hoping for an iPhone 5 will still be bitterly disappointed that they won’t be able get the real deal. Additionally, if an iPhone of any description was heading for T-Mobile, one suspects that Brodman would have clarified this.

Although any user of any network can essentially waltz into an Apple Store and purchase an unlocked device, GSM-based T-Mobile operates under different wireless frequencies than Apple caters for, so although the iPhone does work a such, it’s bereft of any 3G connectivity – essential in this day and age.

With Sprint set to jump aboard the iPhone gravy-train along with the already-initiated AT&T and Verizon, many reckoned that T-Mobile – the remaining segment of the ‘big four’ carriers in America – would follow suit. The news comes despite Anonymous Source, that busy guy seemingly always finding the scoops from within multiple companies (often simultaneously), suggesting last month that T-Mobile would house the iPhone 5 when the big launch does eventually take place.

It’s no secret that Apple is thinking bigger than ever, with a couple of the main Chinese service providers also set to get in on the act. China Mobile and China Telecom, two companies with a combined subscriber base of several hundred million, are both expected to be adding the iPhone to their respective line-ups when it’s eventually released across the Asian continent – around a month after the Europe and North America release.

(Source TMo News)

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