Swipe Is A Novel iPhone Case Which Features Touch-screen Cleaning System, Doubles As A Tripod Stand [VIDEO]

Although picking and choosing a smartphone from the hundreds available on the market can be a tricky task indeed, finding an adequate protective shell once you’ve unboxed your prized gadget can often be an equally tedious task. The case makers are vast, with each and every one looking to grab your attention, and although most fail with generic, unremarkable products, occasionally one does come along with that ‘wow’ factor.

Swipe, which is currently gathering momentum in its Kickstarter campaign, is a very unique, feature-filled iPhone case. While many try solely to be as slender as possible in order to compliment the iPhone’s naturally svelte form factor, Swipe renders your iPhone even more of a Swiss-Army device than it already is. It has its very own in-built screen cleaning feature, which is activated when the top of the case is pushed down. Currently patent pending, it’s the first time we’ve seen anybody begin to attempt such an implement, and looking at the demonstration video, it sure beats a screen protector.

Swipe iPhone case

Yes, it is bulkier than your average case, but like any protective cover enhancing your iPhone from a usage point of view (cases with additional battery power, for example), it has to be in order to facilitate its trump card. When you’re not using the cleaning system, it’s hidden from view, and Swipe reckons having a consistently clean touch-screen enhances the iPhone experience in general, yielding more accurate touch results compared with smudge and fingermark-laden scenario we’ve all kind of accepted as part and parcel of owning a touch-based device.


It’s not just the screen cleaning service that makes the Swipe case so unique though. It also features a tripod mount, which is particularly great if you’re the sort of person who tries and often fails to keep a steady hand when snapping images or videos.

As with any case, one of the major concerns is whether the signal will be adversely affected by its presence, but Swipe purports that it offers great levels of radio performance, so despite its bulk, you should still be able to make calls, send SMS, and browse the web without any hassle.

It works for the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S, and yes, one will also be made for the upcoming iPhone. If you wish to see more, then check out Swipe’s Kickstarter page.

(via 9to5Mac)

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