SurfacePad For iPhone Is A New Protective Case Which Maintains The Elegant Look Of Your Device [VIDEO]

High-end smartphones and devices are everyone’s favorites, because they speak class and contain stellar hardware that does all the right things for your image. However, as these gadgets have grown sleeker and shinier, they have also developed a certain fragility that, if not addressed properly, can cost you some serious repair money (and at times, complete loss) through accidental drops, liquid spills, heat damage, poor handling etc.

The upper echelon of smartphones of today uses unconventional elements for their build and exterior, favoring glass over plastic (iPhone 4 and 4S, for instance), or brushed aluminum that can catch scratches in a hurry. It is therefore necessary to have some form of protection for your device – whether a carrying case or a protective cover – to ensure maximum durability of your smartphone. The downside here, however, is that most of these cases, especially the ultra-durable ones, are so bulky and ugly looking that they kill all the aesthetic look and feel of your otherwise-very-expensive phone. The added thickness and weight doesn’t please anyone, either. It is this gap that SurfacePad for iPhone aims to fill for the owners of Apple’s smartphones.


Available for iPhone 4/4S and iPhone 5, SurfacePad is unlike any other iPhone case that we’ve ever seen. It serves as a folio case for your iPhone, giving it a feel of holding a small book in your hand. The protective leather layers cover both the front and back of the device, and stay in place unless you choose to pop them open. The back layer of SurfacePad sticks to the back of your iPhone using non-residual adhesive, so detaching and reattaching is painless and hassle-free. The case does not cover the rim of the device and is about the thickness of a credit card itself, so it doesn’t damage the iDevice’s sleek profile at all.


Another advantage that SurfacePad holds over its competitors is a built-in stand for watching videos and making FaceTime calls. Akin to how you’d pop up an iPad using its revolutionary Smart Covers, SurfacePad would let you do the same for the smaller iPhone, making it easier not only for the aforementioned features, but also to double the device up as a desk clock/nightstand.




SurfacePad for iPhone comes from Twelve South, and is available for $34.99 apiece, and comes in Red, White and Black flavors. The case comes with free shipping for U.S.-based customers, while flat international shipping rates apply to the rest of the world.

(Source: SurfacePad for iPhone)

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