StyloPowerDown For iOS Brings LG Android-Inspired Power Down Screen To iPhone

Some iPhone jailbreak tweaks change the way iOS looks, and some change the way it behaves. Then there are some others that sit somewhere between in that they do not really change the way we interact with our iPhones but also do not add any big new functionality that will make your iPhone owning life easier.

StyloPowerDown is a prime example of that middle ground, and we quite like it. We think you will too.

At its core, StyloPowerDown changes the way the power down menu looks when you press and hold the sleep/wake button on your iPhone. The look changes slightly in that once the tweak is installed, the options will look much more like they would on an LG Android phone than something that you would expect to witness on iOS.

That’s a good thing if you like the aesthetic, but the main change is the addition of new features. When we say features, what we really mean is a couple, and even then they may not be big additions for some people.

First off, you will notice a new option for accessing the Airplane Mode setting. That is already available in umpteen other places within iOS, so that’s not all that interesting for us. The option that we foresee getting the most use, however, is a submenu that appears when you tap the restart button – a new option in itself. Tapping that button will offer the opportunity to simply respring rather than initiate a full restart, something that can be a real time saver if you are making changes that require such a thing rather than a full reboot of the device.

All this can be had for free, via the BigBoss repository if you opt for StyloPowerDownLite, though there is a full version just called StyloPowerDown costing $1.00 that looks a little nicer with additional options such as entering Safe Mode. If you ask me, for a dollar, that’s the one you want.

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