Sony Unboxes PlayStation 4 In Official Video, Watch It Right Here

Following on the footsteps of Microsoft unboxing the Xbox One, Sony has put up an official video on its PlayStation channel on YouTube, unboxing the PlayStation 4 and showing the world what they’ll get in the box once it hits the shelves come this Friday.

The official PlayStation Twitter account recently posted a direct link to the unboxing video accompanied the #GreatnessAwaits hashtag. Sony has stepped away from what seems to be the widely accepted and standard YouTube product unboxing practice. Rather than drop the PlayStation 4 onto a computer table and rip away at the packaging until the hardware pops into view, the company has instead opted for a no-expense-spared production that looks like it could have been pulled straight out of Hollywood’s latest art heist thriller.


A dimly lit room with a gorgeous purple glow emanating from the ceiling. Rows of floor-to-ceiling servers offering additional light into the room. Adrenaline rising music playing over the top to ramp up anticipation. A rectangle shaped product box taking precedent in the room lit by what appears to be a vertical glow from the heavens. This release from Sony has all of the aforementioned video goodies as well as an unboxing engineer wearing a pair of pretty awesome gloves to just add a little bit of extra polish and drama to the unboxing.

when we eventually dive into what’s included in the packaging we find that the PlayStation 4 ships with a limited time Network Voucher, a quick startup guide manual, a single DualShock 4 controller as well as a single HDMI cable and that all-so-important AC power cord. As previously reported, Sony is also providing users with a mono headset as part of the PlayStation 4 bundle in an attempt to get more gamers using audio communication during online multiplayer games. A single USB cable is also provided to charge the new DualShock 4 wireless controller.

PS4 box

Finally, after all of the peripherals have been unboxed, the 500GB PS4 system is whipped out of the packaging and held up to the heavenly glow. It’s clear from this video that we are going to actually have to wait until the console is out in the wild to get an in-depth look, as the official video only shows a very brief glimpse of the hardware itself. However, we shouldn’t have to wait much longer for that to happen. Remember folks, #GreatnessAwaits.

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