Someone Drove A Tesla Cybertruck Through Water To See If It Could

Before the Tesla Cybertruck went on sale CEO Elon Musk made big claims about its ability to wade through water and float as if it was a boat.

That’s a matter for debate, but the truck does have something called Wade Mode, a feature that is supposed to allow it to go into water by increasing the ride height and pressurizing the battery pack.

So to test Wade Mode out, a YouTuber decided to take his electric truck and plow it into some water to see what would happen. There were of course plenty of warnings and text that had to be ignored before the new mode could be activated, but once it was all squared away the Cybertruck did indeed set about wading.

It’s important to note that the warning text does warn that it may take up to 10 minutes for Wade Mode to become active and that it has a time limit of 30 minutes after which it will automatically deactivate. Water of up to 2-ft 7 inches in depth is fine, apparently, while it’s worth remembering that damages to the vehicle aren’t covered by Tesla’s warranty. If that isn’t enough to stop anyone doing it other than in a dire emergency, we aren’t sure what is.

One other thing of note here — the YouTuber noted that the buttons for the tailgate and tonneau cover stopped working after the Cybertruck went for its swim.

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