Tesla Full Self-Driving Beta v12 Shown Hunting For A Parking Spot

Tesla’s Full Self-Driving technology has long been a controversial one, with the system still in beta but costing thousands of dollars per vehicle.

Whatever your stance on that, there’s no denying that some of what the FSD system can do is mighty impressive. And the new v12 system update appears to take things to a whole new level.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk has long touted the v12 update as one that will bring a sea change in what FSD is capable of thanks to a move towards neural nets rather than code that has been written by developers. The idea is that the vehicle’s controls will be handled in a whole new way, and one that could prove to be much more capable than anything Tesla could code manually itself.

The v12 beta has been available to a very limited number of people to date, but it’s started to expand slightly of late. Now, a new video posted to the X social network appears to show a vehicle running the v12 software attempting to find a parking spot.

The video shows a vehicle driving itself to a point on a map that happens to be at the end of an alley. Normally, the EV would just stop at the point requested by the driver and have them take over.

But in this instance, the software appears to be looking for a parking spot of its own choosing before giving up and driving around for another pass. On that second pass it knows there are no spots further down the alley so finds one before the dropped pin and parks.

That’s new behavior for Tesla and it isn’t something that’s been advertised to date. Whether or not this was a one-off or a sign that the FSD beta is taking on new features, time will tell.

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