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So you connect your iPhone with iTunes to update it, but it prompts you with an error “iTunes error 1110”? This isn’t what you’re looking forward to seeing when you initiate the update process on your iPhone.

Updating your iPhone should be a smooth experience, it should load the new OS into the device, and boot up in a few minutes. However, unexpected errors can occur and might disrupt the process. iTunes error 1110 indicates a software-related issue on the device.

This guide will discuss the ultimate methods to fix iPhone “iTunes error 1110”.

Why is My iPhone/iTunes Error 1110?

iTunes error 1110 is a common issue encountered by users trying to update and restore iPhones using iTunes. This error typically occurs during the update or restore process, and prevents the device from completing the process.

Mostly when the error 1110 occurs on the iPhone during the update or restore process, the iPhone gets stuck in the boot loop – stuck on the Apple logo, and not moving forward. The primary cause behind the iTunes error 1110 is insufficient storage space on the iPhone.

When you initiate the update or restore process on the device, it requires a certain amount of free storage to add new system files and create temporary system files to run the operating system operations. However, when the storage space is full, iTunes halts the process as the device can’t receive the files further, thus the iPhone gets stuck on the Apple logo.

The iOS update errors can be prevented by freeing up the storage space. However, since the device is already in the boot loop, you’ll need to use other ways to fix it.

Best 5 Ways to Fix iPhone Error 1110

Understanding the reasons behind the “iTunes error 1110” is the first step towards fixing the problem. Now that you know what can make things wrong when you’re facing iTunes error 1110, here’s how to fix it with easy and simple troubleshooting methods.

1. Free Up Space on your iPhone

As mentioned earlier, iPhone update errors are caused by the low storage space on the iPhone, the first thing you should do is try to free up the space on the device. The operating system requires a certain amount of free storage space to run the system operations, otherwise, it’ll stop working, give unexpected errors and apps might crash.

If your iPhone is booting up and functioning, follow the steps below to learn how to free up space on your iPhone:

Step 1: Go to the Settings app, and navigate to the General option.

Step 2: Tap on the Storage option, and see what the big files are consuming the device storage.

Step 3: Uninstall unnecessary apps and games, delete photos, and lengthy videos to free up a few GBs of storage space.

2. Fix iPhone/iTunes Error 1110  in 5 minutes – 100% successful

When your iPhone is stuck in a boot loop and requires free storage space to function, your only option is to use the Tenorshare ReiBoot. It’s a powerful software specifically designed to fix a variety of iOS issues including iPhone error 1110.

What makes Tenorshare ReiBoot a unique, and effective solution is that it’ll fix the problem on your iPhone without deleting anything from the device. It comes with advanced functions, capable of fixing the 150+ issues on the devices and fixing them by implementing targeted repair.

Here’s how to fix “iPhone error 1110” using Tenorshare ReiBoot:

Step 1: Download, and install the Tenorshare ReiBoot on your computer. Connect your iPhone to the computer, and launch the program. Click on the Start Repair option.

Step 2: Choose the Standard Repair option to fix the “iPhone error 1110” without any data loss, and hit the Standard Repair button.

Step 3: Once your iPhone is detected by the program, it’ll automatically suggest the firmware package compatible with your iPhone model. Click on the Download button to download it.

Step 4: Once the downloading is completed, it’s time to start the repair process. Click on the Start Standard Repair option.

Step 5: Wait for the progress to complete. Once the process is completed, your iPhone will automatically restart – ready for use.

3. Force Restart your iPhone

If your iPhone is unresponsive after showing “iphone update error” or the error screen is stuck, force restart can help in such a situation. It’s similar to the simple restart, and the only difference is you need to implement it through the device’s button.

Here’s how to force restart your iPhone to fix the “iPhone update error”:

  1. Press and release the Volume Up button.
  2. Press and release the Down button.
  3. Press and hold the Power/Side button until you notice the Apple logo on the screen.
  4. Once the Apple logo appears on the screen, let go of the buttons, and let it restart.

4. Restore iPhone with iTunes

If your iPhone is stuck on iTunes error 1110 while updating it, try restoring it via iTunes to breathe new life into it. Restoring your iPhone involves erasing all the data and preferred settings on the iPhone, but if you’ve created a backup, you can easily restore it.

Follow the steps below to restore your iPhone via iTunes:

Step 1: To restore your iPhone via iTunes, first, you need to put it into recovery mode.

  • Press and release the Volume Up button.
  • Press and release Volume Down.
  • Press and hold the Power/Side button until you see the Connect to the Computer screen on your iPhone.

Step 2: Connect your iPhone to the computer using a compatible cable, and launch iTunes.

Step 3: You’ll be prompted with a screen, asking either to Update or Restore the iPhone. Choose the Restore option, and let the process complete.

Note: Restoring your iPhone will erase all the data, and settings – factory resetting everything to its default value.

5. Update iTunes

If none of the above methods fixed the “iPhone error 1110” updating iPhone iTunes, try again after updating the iTunes to the latest version. Sometimes, the issue arises due to the communication problem between the iPhone and iTunes.

6. Contact Apple Support

If all the solutions fail to fix the “iPhone error 1110” on your iPhone, it’s time to contact Apple Support. The team can help and guide you about this error on your iPhone. It most likely needs to be software-related. However, if it isn’t fixed by applying the above-mentioned methods, Apple Support will diagnose the underlying issues and fix them.

The Bottom Line

iPhone error 1110 can be a frustrating experience for any iPhone user since iTunes is a platform to manage your device’s photos, videos and other things on your computer. However, by using the troubleshooting methods mentioned in this guide, you can easily fix it.

The primary reason behind this issue is the low memory on the device, so your first step toward fixing this issue should be freeing up the space.

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