Set Animated GIF Image As Wallpaper On Mac OS X, Here’s How

Having the ability to apply a small amount of customization to mobile and desktop machines is generally something that hugely appeals to owners. One of the first things that most people will do when getting a new smartphone, tablet, or computer is find their favourite image and apply it as a desktop or home screen wallpaper. That could be your favourite movie poster, image of your children or loved ones, or even the view from your bedroom window. But what about those who want a little dynamism in the form of a moving GIF-like solution on their desktop? GIFPaper for Mac looks to solve that exact problem.

The theory and thinking behind GIFPaper is extremely simple and is probably given away by the name of the app. The software is a Mac OS X utility that extends the existing functionality of OS X by affording users with the luxury of applying an animated GIF as their desktop background on a MacBook or iMac. Installing GIFPaper is extremely simple, with one of the biggest plus points being that it extends how OS X works rather than building its own proprietary solution.

MacBook Pro 15 main

Step 1: In the first instance, download the GIFPaper installation files direct from the developer’s Dropbox link here.

Step 2: Unzip the compressed file and run the GIFPaperPrefs.prefPane file. OS X will require authorization to do this as it alters the native system setup. When faced with a prompt, select to either install for a single user or for all users of the machine depending on your preferences.

Step 3: You’ll then be presented with the GIFPaperPrefs panel where additional options can be chosen. Select the GIF file by using the Browse button. Amend addition; options if you see fit.

Step 4: Exit out of the preferences. The animated GIF will now be your OS X wallpaper.

Step 5 (optional): The download also comes with a GIFPaperAgent app embedded within it. If you want the chosen GIF to be present every time the computer is rebooted then this app will need to be added to the Mac login items.

It’s worth noting that GIFPaper is intended to be a relatively quick and rudimentary solution to the requirement of having an animated GIF image on your OS X desktop as wallpaper. With that in mind, it can become quite resource intensive if left running for a prolonged period of time.

(via: Reddit)

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