See A Nexus 7 Being Shot Using A Powerful .50 Caliber Rifle [VIDEO]

Although we spend billions of dollars protecting our beloved gadgets with cases, wallets and covers, there’s certainly something of a perverse pleasure in watching them get completely annihilated by  fire, lava, or simply cracked beyond recognition in a drop test. The Nexus 7 is revered as one of the best value tablets on the market right now, and one YouTuber decided to see what the ASUS-made slab would look like after interaction with a .50 Cal round. The result, as you will see below, was not particularly surprising.

Of course, this video hits the sweet spot for us simple-minded menfolk with its inclusion of arsenal, a female, and a Google-branded gizmo. When pinned up and shot from a distance with a .50 caliber weapon, there was only going to be one real winner, and as robust and durable as the Nexus 7 isn’t, the impact of the gunshot made it look about as flimsy as a water balloon.

Nexus 7

The RatedRR ‘Tech Assassins’ regularly entertain us with these kinds of videos, and although those of us wouldn’t dream of taking a .50 caliber (or any any caliber, for that matter) firearm to our treasured smartphones and tablets, it’s definitely rather enjoyable seeing it happen to somebody else’s.

At the end, you get to see the ravaged Nexus 7 (still in one piece, mind), returned to its owner, who’s less than happy with what was a perfectly working tablet.

Since releasing last year, the Nexus 7 has been something of a revelation. Combining a very substantial processor, buttery smooth Android Jelly Bean and a price that appeals to most budgets, it is perhaps the best all-rounder currently available, and although its build quality is something of a caveat, you do get a lot of bang for your buck.

Just like all Nexus products, it does have a no-frills feel about it, but if you just want to experience Android in a fluid, unbloated fashion, it’s a tablet that really does tick all of the boxes.

Anyhow, check out the Nexus 7’s lopsided gun battle video in its entirety below, and if you have a heart for gadgets, then we recommend not watching it, and be sure to leave your comments via the usual mediums.

Thanks, Anderson for sending this in!

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