Samsung Appeals Against Galaxy Nexus Sales Ban In U.S., Wants Court To Pull Ban Until Full Trial Is Complete

Yesterday’s hottest news was Apple’s big legal win against Samsung in the banning of their high-end Galaxy Nexus Android smartphone. The ruling came from US District Court Judge Lucy Koh who is convinced that Samsung’s device has caused “irreparable harm” to the sales of the Apple iPhone.

Samsung was, of course, expected to appeal against the injunction and appealed they have. Check out the details after the jump!

Google Search vs Siri

They don’t look at all similar to me.

The news comes from FOSS Patents in the form of a blog-post in which they discuss some of the details of Samsung’s appeal, including how strong their counter-arguments are and what it means overall for the Apple vs. Samsung lawsuit in the US.

Samsung has appealed to the Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit to stay the injunction made yesterday by Judge Koh. For the uninitiated, “staying the injunction” means Samsung wants the District Court to take back their injunction until the the verdict of the full and final trial.

The Korean electronics company has included many counter-points in their notice of appeal. The biggest of these counter-points include the company’s belief that the Court’s decision is based on “insufficient evidence” related to the idea of Apple and Samsung being competitors. Samsung believes that Apple proof of having lost market share due to the Galaxy Nexus is insufficient.

Samsung also wants the Court to review Apple’s ‘604 “unified search patent” (related to Siri) on the basis of which Koh ruled the preliminary injunction. The company believes that the Court’s findings were “erroneous” and that they raise “substantial questions”.

Meanwhile, a #boycottApple movement appears to be gaining steam online with users from sites like Google+ and Reddit strongly voicing their concerns about Apple’s attempts of using patents to ban popular Android smartphones in major countries.

Lawsuits take their sweet time to wrap up, so don’t expect this story to be ending anytime soon. Judge Koh’s preliminary injunction is just that – preliminary. The real and final verdict is yet to come!

If Apple does indeed win this lawsuit on the basis of the unified search / Siri patent, it could spell trouble for the Galaxy S III which also uses a Siri-like voice search service called “S Voice”.

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