Safely Listen To Music From Your iDevice When Washing With iShower Bluetooth-Enabled Speaker [VIDEO]

Although our smartphones, tablets and gizmos in general are perceived as convenient for use anywhere, anytime, this notion isn’t strictly true. There is one place we daren’t take our prized gadgets – the bathroom.


Water and electronics don’t tend to get along, and the days of placing a Game Boy atop the boiler for a quick dry out are seldom seen with the more advanced technology of the Digital Age. Thus, if we want a solo disco whilst scrubbing behind our ears, we find ourselves in quite the dilemma.

If, like me, you decide to perform a balancing act in which you cautiously avoid every drop of water and steam, it does to a degree tarnish the party atmosphere you were trying to create in the first place. If only there was a way to listen to my music without risking irreparable (well, at least via Apple) water damage.

Enter iShower – a nifty little creation which allows you to do just that. Created by iDevices – who made the headlines in 2011 with a Bluetooth cooking thermometer called the iGrill – it pairs up with your device allowing music to be played from up to 200 feet away. We reckon 200 feet is far enough a distance to keep your treasured iDevice safe, don’t you?

The whole thing is totally waterproof, and allows you to play/pause and skip tracks whilst your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch lounges comfortably from a drier, safer room. At $99, it’s not too expensive, and if you are a bathroom head-banger, it’s a good investment which safeguards your expensive iDevice. There’s no word on the quality or loudness of the speaker, but that’s not too important in this environment.

It has a small LCD which displays basic info, and the unit can easily be mounted, hung up or placed in a variety of locations. As an added bonus, you can pair iShower with up to five different devices and easily switch between them using iShower’s built-in menu, which is particularly useful if you live in a household full of iDevice-wielding music junkies.

It’s set to drop on March 31st, and costs a cent under a hundred bucks.

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