Rescue Your Waterlogged Gadgets The Easy Way With A Bheestie Bag [VIDEO]

The chances are that you can relate with this situation. You’ve got your expensive smartphone, 3G modem or whatnot, and it’s somehow ended up submerged in the nearest puddle/bath/wash basin or worse. So, what do you do next? Get on the phone to your insurer?

Well, things might not be quite as dire as that. At least, not if you’re lucky as well has having $20 laying around to buy a Bheestie Bag.

Inside the Bheestie bag you will find ‘molecular sieves’ which will attempt to draw any moisture out of whatever is put inside the bag, and thus, hopefully, saving an expensive bill.

Using the Bheestie bag is about as easy as it gets – take your soiled device, and remove the battery if possible. Then, place it in the bag and seal it closed. The longer you leave it in there, the more moisture will be removed. Ideally a three day stint inside the bag is what you are going to aim for, but at least 24 hours is required.


Be sure that the bag is well and truly sealed if this is going to work. Those ‘molecular sieves’ will create a very dry environment for whatever joins them inside that bag, so a good seal is of paramount importance.

There are plenty of testimonials on the Bheestie Bag’s website, and it can be picked up from Amazon and the like, should you be in the unfortunate position of needing to dry out a soggy device.

While this may seem very impressive, it’s actually nothing new. For years now, placing wet devices into sealed bags with rice has been a particularly good trick should the need arise. The rice then performs the same function as the ‘molecular sieves’ and dries out the surrounding air, and hopefully, whatever wet toy has been placed alongside it.

If you are unlucky enough to end up needing to give the Bheestie Bag a try, do let us know how you get on, we’d love to hear your experiences. We know we’ll be giving it a whirl should the sad occasion arise.

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