Rochester Optical Sunglass Lenses For Google Glass Now Available

Google Glass may have managed to notch up legions of fans thanks to its technical capabilities, but could we about to see the fashion conscious adopt the wearable technology as a statement of style? It may sound a little far-fetched as the product isn’t exactly the most aesthetically pleasing piece of kit we’ve ever come across. However, in an effort to stand apart from other providers of prescription lenses for Glass, Rochester Optical has started offering a line of stylish sunglass lenses that are compatible with Google’s eyewear.

As part of the company’s official press release, Rochester Optical CEO Patrick Ho had this to say:

With these new sun lenses, we want to bring something fun and stylish to smart glasses. The wearer can customize our sun lenses to his or her liking and express individuality – bringing style and art to the technology. We think we have achieved that.

Sun lenses Glass

It certainly seems like Rochester has achieved its goal of making Google Glass a lot more stylish and suited to the owner’s individual personality. The unique range of lenses will come accompanied by a plethora of customization options to ensure that the wearer really does feel at home with Glass on. The product will ship with 14 different variations of tinted and mirror lenses. There will also be a choice of 8 different frame styles to suit all tastes as well as the option of choosing from 11 different colors. It is worth noting that the product is entirely designed for aesthetic purposes and is entirely non-prescription based.

Rochester frames lenses

Owners of Glass may once have used it for capturing sneaky photographs or interacting with the latest Glassware, but it also seems that the product can now be officially classified as UV protectant thanks to Rochester Optical’s lenses. The accompanying Rochester Optical website does a fairly good job of making the whole ordering and customization process extremely simple by implementing three easy steps. Choose your frame. Choose and customize your lens. Then hand over $179.00. Process complete.

Rochester buy

With Google recently expanding the Glass Explorer program into the United Kingdom it surely won’t be long until we see a whole host of companies coming up with innovative accessories such as these lenses. If the technology takes off as Google anticipates it to, then accessory makers could have a whole new product category to design and manufacture for.

You can grab the frames / lenses by heading over to:

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