Reuters: Apple Is Integrating A Smaller 19-Pin Dock Connector Into The Next-Gen iPhone

As time progresses, we are moving closer and closer to the eventual announcement and launch of the next-generation iPhone, Apple’s much anticipated update to their industry leading smartphone. As is usually the case with hardware evolution from the Cupertino giants, the rumor mill is starting to kick into overdrive with speculation flying around the world wide web about every aspect of the new device, ranging from its physical dimensions to the processors and camera units that will be embedded within.

There has been some interesting developments over the last few weeks that relate to the connection port on the iPhone which allow users to connect a charger or connect the phone to a third-party accessory. Recent reports have discussed and confirmed that Apple have recently been granted a patent for a new dock connector, something that is believed to form the main connection point for the new iPhone that is likely to be released later this year.


The dock connector in question would be dramatically smaller in size and moves from the standard 30-pin format which we have seen Apple use so consistently down to a more streamlined 19-pin connector which is believed to free up some real-estate on the bottom of the device where the 9mm headphone jack is rumored to be relocated. The movement of the headphone jack, if it happens, is a move that a lot of users have been calling for over the last few years due to the intrusive nature of the current setup when headphones are connected. It also falls more in line with the iPod touch range of devices which have the connection more conveniently placed on the bottom.

If the 19-pin connection will be a part of the next-generation iPhone when it is launched, and it represents a bitter-sweet situation for consumers. A smaller connector will more than likely mean Apple can introduce a thinner and more streamlined form factor, but it also means that the plethora of accessories which users have will be rendered useless. Gadgets like music stations and cases that contain connected keyboards are obviously designed to the current device standards and feature a 30-pin connector port. Moving to a smaller connector will provide some disgruntled users, but, it will also more than likely be a cash cow for Apple as punters scramble to upgrade their beloved accessories.

4S Sim Tray

The time has come when Apple makes this bold change, with limitations being placed on design when the current setup commands most of the bottom rim of the phone. We hope the new design sticks for a while so we can get some mileage out of our new accessories.

(Source Reuters)

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