PUBG Mobile FAQ For 60fps Mod On Android And iOS [FAQ]

In an ideal world, installing different versions of the same game intended for different markets would result in users in different territories still having the same experience. However, where PUBG Mobile is concerned, it’s become evident that China-based gamers get a significantly improved experience over those using the global version.

Thankfully, whenever gamers are in a time of need there is generally someone in the community who is ready to stand up and be counted and try and offer a more positive experience.

That’s exactly what has happened in recent days and weeks as information has leaked into the community which has allowed Android and iOS device owners to effectively hack their PUBG Mobile installation into offering a buttery-smooth 60 frames-per-second experience. China-based gamers are offered this natively in the version of PUBG Mobile downloaded from the Chinese app store, whereas global gamers have been left waiting for an official update to unlock this performance.

Now, the same individual has released a FAQ of sorts which answers some of the more important questions that have been asked from the community about what is, and is not possible.

That information answers questions about whether or not it’s possible to produce and bundle a configuration file which contains no foliage whatsoever in order to ensure that low-end devices run as smooth as possible without having to render foliage in-game. There is also an important question about how running PUBG Mobile at 60 frames-per-second affects the battery life on the installed device. The long and short of it is that the device has to do a lot more work, which therefore has a negative impact on the battery.

The real crux of the FAQ is that if the original creator can actually do anything which improves the performance of PUBG Mobile without giving anyone an unfair tactical advantage – such as removing foliage altogether – then it shall be done in order to improve the experience for as many people as possible.

The idea here is to provide an enhanced experience for as many people as possible across as many device types as possible. Some people may be disappointed with the answers provided but it looks as though there will definitely be more to come from this individual as far as improving the experience is concerned.

Check out the complete FAQ below:

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