Pre-Order T-Mobile iPhone 5 Now From Apple And T-Mobile

T-Mobile is finally about to carry the iPhone 5 officially, and those eager to get their hands on the device will be pleased to learn that it’s now available to pre-order from both T-Mobile and Apple. With the launch scheduled for the 12th of this month, you’ll only have to wait a week before receiving the T-Mobile iPhone 5, which will, in time, be fully compatible with the company’s fledgling LTE infrastructure.

Each and every one of the big three carriers in the U.S. have offered the Apple iPhone as an option to consumers for some time, but while T-Mobile has been left in the shade by its rivals as a result, the company is striking back with a vengeance. Unlike the major network operators, T-Mobile’s deals aren’t as committing, and those not looking for a two-year contract on devices with shelf lives of less than a year may well wish to consider T-Mobile’s flexible plans.


The iPhone 5 will go on sale for just $99; with no cellular service contract attached. The likes of AT&T have operated something of a monopoly in recent years, with the days of twelve and eighteen month contracts seeming to disappear overnight. T-Mobile is looking to put some of the power back into the hands of consumers, and by offering one of the industry’s most sought-after handsets in the process, it’s possible that large numbers of users will migrate from AT&T, Sprint, and Verizon.

The new LTE network is not quite there yet, but the company is looking to make it as fast as it possibly can. With a cheaper bill and less by way of contractual shackles, I expect many T-Mobile iPhone 5 users will just be happy with the new-found freedom, and with works ongoing to build a solid LTE network, it shouldn’t be long before superfast 4G Web speeds can be enjoyed by all.

T-mobile iPhone 5 preorder

What’s more, as we first learned last week, carrier updates for T-Mobile users on unlocked iPhone 5s will begin rolling out today, bringing support for the 4G networks, and with the older iPhone 4 and 4S also arriving for T-Mo next Friday, it will be interesting to see how many folks buy into the company’s alternative offerings.

To wrap it up, tell us, will you be getting yourself a T-Mobile flavored iPhone 5, or you’re fine with AT&T, Sprint or Verizon?

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