Pomodorable For OS X Is A Beautiful Task Management App That Redefines To-Do Lists

It’s difficult to remember what we all used to do to handle our increasingly busy schedules and work loads before we had such capable computers and mobile devices like the iPhone and iPad. Being able to be permanently connected to our diaries, appointments and task lists through the use of mobile hardware and scheduling software has proved to be an invaluable resource for those who have busy professional and personal lives, but the real power is needed when we knuckle down to actually sift through our list of tasks.

Mobile devices and bog standard to-do list apps are all well and good, but the newly released Pomodorable app for OS X really takes task management to the next level, integrating everything the user needs to maximize efficiency and allows them to just get the job done. Pomodorable might not seem like a name that immediately indicates the functionality of the app, but when you find out that the software is built around the Pomodro time management method, the naming convention starts to make perfect sense.


First and foremost, the app looks stunning, and while it aims to dramatically increase work output through methods that have been tried and tested over the last thirty years, it will also bring a certain amount of elegance to an OS X installation. One of the issues which a lot of people find when faced with a growing list of tasks is the sheer size of what is in front of them. Pomodorable and the Pomodoro technique attempt to combat that issue, but transforming the tasks into sizeable and manageable activities that don’t seem so overwhelming. We are all committed to obtaining and achieving our goals, this app just lets us determine when and how we do that.


Those who have embraced OS X Mountain Lion will also feel a certain affinity with this app from the Monocle Society as it fits right in and integrates with things like the new Reminders and Notes apps as well as the fantastic Notification Center that is a seriously a welcome addition to any Mac. Pomodorable allows you to manage and handle tasks effectively, and the OS X 10.8 integration only help it to achieve that. Additionally, the development team have been thinking ahead and understood that when glued to our Macs, we face certain challenges and interruptions, which is why the app also offers users the ability to automatically update Messages and Skype with unavailable statuses.


I’ve said it before but for the sake of clarity I will repeat my belief that the best software is designed and developed by those who have something to gain from its creation. In this instance, Pomodorable has been created by individuals who live and breathe the Pomodoro technique, and it definitely shines through in the final product.


Pomodorable is available to download from the Mac App Store for an introductory price of $4.99, rising to $9.99 when the offer comes to an end.

Download Pomodorable for OS X [Mac App Store link]

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