Philips Announces A New Lightstrip That Syncs Colors With What’s On Your TV

Philips has announced a new Hue lightstrip that not only mounts to the back of your TV, but also syncs with what’s happening on-screen as well.

The lightstrip joins the existing family of Hue products, with the new Philips Hue Play available in lengths that are designed to work with screens of up to 85-inches in size. It’ll sell for prices starting at $200 and reaching $240 when it goes on sale on October 16th.

The theory is that you can use the lightstrip to augment your lighting setup when you’re watching TV or playing games.

The lightstrip will then change color based on the area of the screen that it is near, creating a bloom of light that extends onto the wall and surrounding area. It’s pretty neat, but there’s a costly catch.

That catch is the fact you’ll need the $60 Hue Bridge and $230 Philips Hue Play HDMI sync box for this to work. That’s a lot to make your wall light up the same color as your TV, right?  You can ditch the HDMI box if you’re planning on using the lightstrip with your computer monitor, though.

Other announcements include a refreshed Philips Hue Iris light with better colors priced at $100 as well as updates to the E12 candelabra bulbs – they now support Bluetooth. The bulbs are available now, while the updated Iris will land on October 19.

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