Oral-B ‘Smart Toothbrush’ Connects To Your Phone, Tells You How To Brush [VIDEO]

Technology is currently expanding and evolving at an unprecedented rate, and as such, almost every area of our lives is being systematically enhanced and improved by new inventions. Every company, even those with no obvious connection with the field of tech, is looking to improve its products and services with new digital innovation, and Oral-B – a company renowned for making oral hygiene products – looks set to launch a toothbrush that links up to your smartphone via Bluetooth 4.0, offering advise on brushing techniques as prescribed and advised by the dentist.

In a sense, the device will operate in a similar manner to the current smartwatches available on the market – harnessing the power and connectivity of the smartphone rather than having too much of a mind of its own. Hooking up to your device through Bluetooth 4.0, your dentist will help program the specific settings for optimal results, and the app will offer real-time advice and tips on how to get the very best brushing experience.

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Essentially, every time you go to clean your teeth, you will have your dentist virtually breathing down your neck, ensuring that you reach every nook and cranny in order to maintain oral health. Sounds creepy if you think about it that way right? Right.

This is not the first time that Oral-B has sought to push the envelope in creating a smart tooth-brushing niche market, but with a streamlined, smartphone-integrated system, this is a much more marketable option than previous efforts, which could truly revolutionize what many of us see as a mundane daily task.

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Oral-B will be showcasing this product next week at the Mobile World Congress, and it will be available to purchase in June. It will run quite high in cost compared to any toothbrush you’ve ever bought before, with a hefty £199 (US$300) price tag, but while it may set you back a little more than usual, it should, given the technology, offer the most efficient and thorough brushing experience.

Can you imagine purchasing and using such an advanced toothbrush for precision brushing, or do you think these kinds of products are more gimmick than revolutionary? Do be sure to share your thoughts and comments via the usual mediums below – it’s always great to hear from you guys!

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