OpenSignal For iPhone Released, Finds The Best Cellular And WiFi Network In Your Area

OpenSignal, a popular app for Android allowing users to survey local mobile phone network and WiFi coverage based on crowd-sourced info from other users, has just made its way to iOS via the App Store. Details, as well as the download link, can be found after the break.

One of the nagging issues with smartphones is that, despite getting exponentially "smarter" as the years go on, some of the bread-and-butter features have yet to be perfected. As well as the inability of some devices to retain a substantial level of battery, the problem of dropped / fluctuating connections is still one faced by the vast majority of handset owners.

OpenSignal 1

OpenSignal calls upon its vast inventory of independent data pertaining to speed and coverage of cellular connections, which is sourced not from those oft dubious coverage maps offered by carriers, but by users themselves.

The revamped Android version has only been around for a couple of months having hit the Google Play Store at the turn of the year, but having already amassed 2.5 million downloads and counting, many consumers are now better aware of which networks provide stronger, speedier connections in any given area.

OpenSignal 2

OpenSignal is particularly useful if, for example, your current carrier seems to drop connection frequently. By taking advantage of the data collated, you can find out which network offers the strongest signal in your home area, as well as those areas you frequent most often.

OpenSignal 3

Hitherto, this wondrous assortment of features had been limited to OpenSignal for Android, but now, the customary iOS version has just been released. When you fire it up for the first time, you must of course allow the app to use your location, and after that, you’ll be fed all sorts of information regarding your connection.

One of the best features is the signal compass, which allows you to home in on the spots where you’ll best pick up the strongest signal within your locale, and so no longer will you be aimlessly wandering around, waving your phone around in the feint hope of catching a better signal.

OpenSignal is absolutely free of charge, and can be downloaded via the link below:

(Source: Open Signal for iPhone on the App Store)

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