This Android App Is The Ultimate Tool To Evaluate Your Cellular Or Wi-Fi Connection

In these times of strictly limited data bundles and high overage charges, let alone the fact you may not get coverage good enough to actually make use of that allowance, we’re all grateful for any help we can get in making the most of what we’ve got. There are plenty of different apps out there that tell us where the nearest cell tower is, or where the best Wi-Fi network is according to your location, but having all that and more in one place is always preferable, and that’s just what OpenSignal does.

Available on the Google Play Store for the bargain-ous price of free, OpenSignal offers two or three main features that are enough to get us interested, but it’s all the bells and whistles that really made us take notice.


The main use for OpenSignal is to track and ultimately pinpoint the best Wi-Fi and cellular locations in your area. Using maps and data provided by other users, OpenSignal will tell you exactly where the nearest cell tower is, and tell you the direction you need to head in thanks to a handy compass. It also gives you an idea of what the coverage is likely to be when you get there, as well as comparing all the local carriers so you can perhaps make a better decision on the carrier you give your money to next time.

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As we’ve said though, it’s not just cellular. OpenSignal is also building a database of Wi-Fi hotspots, so you’ll not need to keep asking Google where the nearest cafe with free Wi-Fi is, for example.

OpenSignal will also tell you how fast your network connection is when it comes to data, too, so you’ll be able to gauge just how well that fancy LTE contract is working out for you.

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If that’s not enough, how about a stats tracking page? Here you’ll be able to ensure you never pay overage charges thanks to the tracking of messages and data used, as well as call time. And it looks great whilst it’s doing it.

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When you remember that OpenSignal is free, there’s really no good reason not to at least give it a whirl. Remember, the more people using it, the better it will get.

(Source: OpenSignal for Android on Play Store)

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