The Best OnePlus 6T Cases And Tempered Glass Screen Protectors You Can Get [List]

Looking for the best OnePlus 6T case and tempered glass screen protector? Here are our picks for the absolute best ones.

Just like the OnePlus 6, the 6T is a slab of glass with an edge-to-edge display (with a notch of course) at the front. This means that you have to take some serious precautions in order to keep it in pristine condition at all times. If you’re all about keeping things perfect as they were on day one, then you’ve come to the right place as we compiled a list of the best OnePlus 6T cases and tempered glass screen protectors which you can buy right now.

OnePlus 6T Tempered Glass Screen Protectors

We will kick things off with screen protectors first as that’s the first thing you’d want on a flagship that costs north of $500. All these options are tempered glass which means that they are ready to take some beating regardless of which pocket you toss the phone into.

IVSO OnePlus 6T Tempered Glass Screen Protector

Need something to get you started for cheap? Then this option from IVSO checks all the right boxes for a mere price of just $5.50. It’ll get the job done and comes in just a pack of one, perfect for those among us who know who to apply a protector bubble-free in the first try.

Buy: IVSO OnePlus 6T Tempered Glass Screen Protector from Amazon: $5.50

Wellci OnePlus 6T Tempered Glass Screen Protector [2-Pack]

OK, so you know something might go wrong while applying the protector or when it comes to facing the outdoors. In that case, you need a 2-pack, and this option from Wellci is well priced at just $7.99. It’s also just 0.26mm thick which means you you won’t notice it on the display as well.

Buy: Wellci OnePlus 6T Tempered Glass Screen Protector [2-Pack] from Amazon: $7.99

TopACE OnePlus 6T Tempered Glass Screen Protector

If you’ve used a protector before then you already know that a ‘full coverage’ screen protector is the way to go when it comes to total protection. This option from TopACE might cost $10.55, but it promises 9H hardness which means it will laugh at the face of scratches or scuffs and is extremely easy to apply too.

Buy: TopACE OnePlus 6T Tempered Glass Screen Protector from Amazon: $10.55

CJ Sunshine OnePlus 6T Tempered Glass Screen Protector [2-Pack]

Do you need something that just works and is extremely easy on your wallet? With a little bit of compromise on quality, you can grab this 2-pack for a low price of just $3.99. With a 2-pack, you’ll always have another screen protector on standby no matter what happens.

Buy: CJ Sunshine OnePlus 6T Tempered Glass Screen Protector [2-Pack] from Amazon: $3.99

Orzero OnePlus 6T Tempered Glass Screen Protector [2-Pack]

It’s always nice to have a high-quality set of screen protectors handy just in case you manage to destroy the first one. Just remove the damaged one and slap on a new one with utmost ease. This option is also a full-coverage one therefore making sure that you won’t even realize that you have some sort of protection on top of that gorgeous panel.

Buy: Orzero OnePlus 6T Tempered Glass Screen Protector [2-Pack] from Amazon: $7.85

OnePlus 6T Cases

Although the OnePlus 6T ships with a case inside the box, but it never hurts to have a backup or a slightly better option at hand. Here are our top picks.

BANZN OnePlus 6T Case

Do you want to add a splash of color and protection on your OnePlus 6T? BANZN has your back. Available in a wide variety of colors, ranging from Gravel Green all the way up to Rose Gold, you can do away from the boring stock look on the fly while protecting your smartphone in every step of the way.

Buy: BANZN OnePlus 6T Case from Amazon: $11.99

Scheam OnePlus 6T Cases

Though this is listed as a ‘Skin Shell Holster’ on Amazon, but in our eyes it’s a fine looking case. It has cutouts for the volume and power buttons and a nice little opening for the USB-C port on the bottom. It has a comfortable to hold back which means you can treat your hands to a high-end finish while you text or create that upcoming meme.

Buy: Scheam OnePlus 6T Case from Amazon: $7.99

GETE OnePlus 6T Case

You clearly want others to know which color option you went for with your OnePlus 6T, don’t you? If that’s the case (no pun intended) then you need this wonderful little accessory from GETE. It’s absolutely clear, slim, easy to hold and will protect your phone from minor drops or scratches.

Buy: GETE OnePlus 6T Case from Amazon: $7.99

Scheam OnePlus 6T Case

Our second listing from Scheam has a back that is made from a pattern which no one can deny. It’s also scratch-resistant which is always a good thing. Also, despite how it might seem, but it’s actually a pretty thin case. Give this a try if you want a good deal of protection around your phone.

Buy: Scheam OnePlus 6T Case from Amazon: $6.99

MLYBoo OnePlus 6T Case

A case for the case-less? This is the one. Also, don’t get fooled by the image above as it’s clearly of a OnePlus 6, but trust us, it’s not. The case has been updated for the OnePlus 6T and the stunning Black, Blue and Red color options will definitely have people turn their heads towards you.

Buy: MLYBoo OnePlus 6T Case from Amazon: $3.99

The case and screen protector options might be a bit sparse at the moment, but these are the best you can grab your hand on until your shiny new smartphone arrives. We’ll update the list with more noteworthy options as they arrive.

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