Next iPhone To Feature Heart Rate, Mood, Altimeter And Temperature Sensors [REPORT]

Your next iPhone could feature a number of new sensors for working out your location, temperature and even mood according to an interview with Benedetto Vigna.

The New York Times‘ Nick Bilton interviewed the General Manager of the MEMS division of STMicroelectronics, with Vigna sharing information on just what new sensors could find their way into the iPhone 5.

The iPhone 4 already features a selection of sensors with accelerometers and gyroscopes adding an interesting dimension to apps, particularly games.

Additional sensors could bring improved accuracy to already accurate location applications.

Mr. Vigna said the next smartphones would have altimeter sensors that would be able to detect your elevation. These sensors will tell people what floor they are on in a building, or could be used to more precisely determine where you are in relation to your friends on a location-based service, he said.

Bilton also shares the possibility the Apple could include mood sensing technology in the iPhone with sensors checking the user’s temperature and perspiration.

A combination of sensors could also be used to increase security past the current solution of entering a passcode when a device is unlocked.

After you use a new phone for a short period of time, it will start to learn your patterns and automatically lock or unlock the phone accordingly. This could be used for more secure banking too.

The only problem with Apple adding more and more technology into an already snug internal design of both iPhones and iPads.

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