New iPad (3rd-Gen) Battery Allegedly Not Fully Charged At 100% Mark

Those owning a tablet or a smartphone could vouch, you spend about as much time keeping tabs on the battery percentage reduction than you do enjoying many of the great features.

Battery retention is an oft-overlooked aspect to prospective consumers, usually courted by slick advertising and mind-blowing specs, but without a decent battery – as some iPhone 4S users discovered – your device is next to useless.

iOS battery

Having stepped up its hardware game in the new iPad with LTE, Retina display and an A5X processor capable of quad-core graphics, Apple had to commit what it would probably consider to be a cardinal sin in increasing the depth of its latest and greatest tablet device. The new inhabitants – particularly the 4G chip – guzzle battery like a thirsty camel, so Apple had to sacrifice it’s thinner and lighter motif in order to lay on the much-improved iPad to expectant consumers.

Dr. Raymond M. Soneira, creator of DisplayMate, has written a report on the 3rd-gen iPad, and reckons the new battery continues charging a great deal of time after iOS displays that lovely ‘100%’ statement of completion in the top-right corner. He goes on to urge iPad users looking to get the most juice as possible into their new tablet to continue charging for up to an hour after it shows as 100 percent.


Speaking with ArsTechnica via e-mail, Soneira noted that after measuring the power actually drawn by the AC Adapter, he discovered:

"The new iPad continues to charge for up to 1 hour after it claims to reach 100 percent. This affects the battery run time if you stop charging when it says 100 percent. Other tablets and smartphones also lie about their charging status, so if getting maximum battery run time is crucial, people need to keep their devices recharging for longer than the screen claims."

So, folks, as well as keeping brightness down to the minimum feasible, slipping into Airplane mode wherever possible and only allowing your device to push through necessary notifications, you can also add "over charge by one hour" to the list of things to preserve the precious droplets of gas in the tank.

Let us know how much it improves the longevity of your device, by dropping a comment via the usual mediums below.

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