New Icons in Windows 7 Build 7048

Windows 7 Build 7048 includes some cool new icons. Here is a full illustration of all the new icons included in this Build(7048) of Windows 7.


Shell Folder IconsShell folders in Windows 7 Build 7048 gets a slight update when compared to all the previous builds including Build 7022.


Library IconsAll the Library folder icons in Windows 7 Build 7048 gets tweaked slightly. They are now shiner than before.


Recorded TV IconRecorded TV Library icon has been completely changed.


Remote Desktop Connection IconThis is the first build of Windows 7 which gets a brand new icon for Remote Desktop Connection. The Remote Desktop Connection icon in all the previous builds of Windows 7 was from Vista’s era.


WordPad IconWordPad: The basic document editor which is included in Windows 7 gets a new icon too!


Sticky Notes Icon

Sticky Notes gets this beautiful looking icon. It is much better looking than the ones included in earlier builds of Windows 7.


Calculator IconCalculator icon too gets a new breeze of life with Windows 7 Build 7048.


Control Panel IconWindows 7 Build 7048 is the first build which includes this new icon for Control Panel. All the previous builds of Windows 7 had the old icon from Windows Vista era.


Desktop Gadget Gallery IconDesktop Gadget Gallery Icon was first changed in Build 7022.


Drive Lock IconThis icon probably has something to do with BitLocker Drive Encryption. Correct me if I am wrong on this one.


HomeGroup Icon

HomeGroup icon was first changed in Build 7022.


Paint Icon Just like Calculator, Control Panel and Sticky Notes; Paint too has finally got a refreshing new icon!


All the other icons except for the ones illustrated above are almost similar to ones included in Windows 7 Build 7000 and Build 7022. You can download the icons from Windows 7 Beta here.

I have also packed all the new icons from Windows 7 Build 7048 which can be downloaded from the link given below.

[Download link removed]