Nest Learning Thermostat Now Available At Apple Stores

When the Apple Store went down around the globe this morning, for some seven hours no less, we all hoped that we would see something new and shiny when it reappeared. The much rumored and hotly anticipated new MacBook Pros were high on our wishlist, but alas, when we hit refresh on our web browsers one last time, we were met with much the same store we had seen beforehand.

With no new MacBook Pros on offer, it seems all is not lost, as there is indeed at least one new product available to buy direct from Apple. Assuming you happen to live in the United States, that is.


Nest, the learning thermostat created by Tony Fadell, has been added to Apple’s online store as of this morning. If the name rings a bell, it is because Fadell is widely attributed as the father of the original iPod, and the former Apple engineer has put together a thermostat that has garnered more than a little attention since its release a few months ago.

Costing $249.95, it is fair to say that this particular thermostat is not the cheapest you’ll find, but we are willing to bet that it is one of the best looking and certainly, it is one of the most interesting. Did you ever imagine Apple would be selling a thermostat in its store and, more over, we would be writing about it here? No, neither did we.

What makes the Nest so interesting is its ability to learn how you live. The more you interact with Nest, changing the temperature when you come home from work, get out of bed in the morning and the like, the more it learns. Eventually, the thermostat itself will know when you are coming home and adjust the temperature accordingly. Pretty neat.


The Nest goes beyond being plain old cool, too. Its ability to get the temperature right at the right time of day means you should save money, too. It looks awesome, saves money, and is made by the guy that helped invent the iPod. What’s not to like?

Oh, did we mention that the Nest thermostat also has an iPhone app that allows you to change the temperature remotely? No? Oh, there’s that too.

You can head over to the Apple online Store to grab yourself a Nest, but we’re warning you beforehand, it doesn’t come cheap.

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