Motorola Joins The Bashing Club, Calls The iPhone 5c ‘Lazy Phone’ In New Moto X Ad [VIDEO]

The world of advertising is most definitely a funny old place. Like most industries, the advertising world regularly jumps on top of certain market trends with the intention of promoting products using popular culture. Different companies have different methods of getting their message across, but when all else fails, it seems the troubling trend in tech world is to cobble together an advertisement that pokes fun at Apple and their products. Google owned Motorola Mobility seem to be the latest to adopt this method.

Don’t get me wrong here; before Apple officially unveiled the iPhone 5c at their Cupertino based event, I was one of the many that thought the idea of a colorful plastic iPhone was nothing short of ridiculous. The iPhone has always been about the premium look and feel that it offers. Quality engineering, quality manufacturing and quality first and third-party apps are a few of the things that pop into my mind when I think about Apple’s popular smartphone. However, Google’s latest Moto X advert is trying to portray a different message.

iPhone 5c motorola mock ad

One of the huge features of the Moto X that Google is so keen to push is that it has over 2,000 ways to customize the device to the user’s taste. Personally speaking, that represents over 2,000 methods of wasting time and detracting from the serious business of life, but device personalization is something that always has, and always will, appeal to the masses. Rather than blatantly go all out and attack the iPhone 5c, the advert release timing and pre-empted content seems to be showboating a little in front of Apple’s colorful but overall static new smartphone.

Motorola 5c mock ad

For some people, it still feels like a little too much to take in, that Apple has actually deviated away from their annual one phone launch and announced the 5c in five different colors. The addition of dedicated 5c cases with trendy little viewing holes cut out on the back means that buyers can have a somewhat limited effect on how the device actually looks, but it in no way offers the levels of customization that the Moto X brings to the table. Which one will it be for you? The Retina ready iPhone 5c or the hugely customizable Moto X?

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