Microsoft publishes an article about using Twitter on Windows Phones

We all know how Twitter has purely become obsession for some and habit for others. It is the place where things are reported instantly as they happen in real time. Twitter’s stupendous quick growth over the months has enabled it to surpass Digg’s market share. For me, Twitter has become an essential professional tool which connects me with a knowledge base that literally spans the world.

To help Windows Phone users connect with Twitter in a better way, Jason Dunn – A Microsoft MVP in Windows Mobile has written a very useful article which is a must read for all Windows Phone users. Microsoft has published this article on the official Windows Mobile page:

If you haven’t at least heard of Twitter, you’ve probably been living in a cave. But don’t feel too bad if you’re not yet using Twitter. It’s a rapidly growing service, but still not as mainstream as a service like Facebook.

So what is Twitter, exactly? It’s a free social networking service, sometimes called a "micro-blogging" tool, because it’s like a blog, only smaller. When you use Twitter you have a maximum of 140 characters to share your thoughts with the world. If you’ve ever updated your status on Facebook or added a personal message on Windows Live Messenger, you’ve micro-blogged. It’s a way of sharing what you’re doing or thinking with friends and with the world at large. You "follow" people on Twitter to read what they’re saying. Everything that your followers write shows up on your Twitter page, also called a “Twitter feed.” I post to Twitter as jasondunn, and if you follow me, you’ll see the things I write on your Twitter feed.

When I describe Twitter to someone who hasn’t used it before, their first response is often, "Why would I want to do that?" It’s definitely not the type of thing that everyone wants to participate in. Social networking comes in all different depths, and not everyone wants to dive into the deep end. Sharing your life with others via Twitter is definitely in-depth social networking. You can use Twitter to follow the updates of others, post your own updates, or both—there’s room for many different types of Twitter use.

The full published article can be read at the official Windows Mobile page here.