Microsoft Kinect Hacked to Play Nicely with Apple iPad [VIDEO]

Ever since the open source drivers were released for the Xbox 360 Kinect, there has been a surge in hackers using it for a whole range of different applications. The potential of the impressive hardware was seen by Chris Rojas who created a new processing app which takes the distance data and renders objects in neon cubes, where the size of the cube is based on the object’s distance from the sensor.

Kinect hack with iPad

This data is the linked to TouchOSC on the iPad, which gave him sliders to define and adjust different planes of interest. The accelerometer input of the iPad controls zoom and pan of the virtual camera.

Hard to get your head round? Check out the Box Cloud video below, followed by the original one without the iPad.

There is a whole new host of uses for the Kinect coming out across platforms, with ever more impressive applications being demonstrated every week.  [Engadget]

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